Scrap Paper Review
Writer's Guidelines

SPR is looking for irreverant material that says something about life. It can be funny, sad, but it must strike some emotion, and do it cleverly. Curse words are not banned, but humor based solely on their shock value will be rejected. Parodies of genre fiction or well-known writers are welcome as long as they have merit on their own. We like SF and Fantasy, along with other literary styles, but try to avoid typical Trek stuff or sword and socery. We would like the content of the essays to fit current events, but not get hung up on events that are already overplayed. If you must talk about Clinton's love life or OJ's, please do so with such humor and sophistication that the piece will outlast the current scandal.

Please keep submissions to three short pieces a month. We will hold over pieces that we consider good. But people who flood us with material are likely to get all the material rejected. We are looking for quality, not quantity. And since space is an issue, we will not be printing more than one person an issue, nor will we likely print that same person more than once a year.

PoetryUp to 500 words
FictionUp to 1,500 words
EssaysUp to 2,000
Payment:One logo t-shirt (when we get them made)

Send submissions to A.D. Sullivan at

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