Articles by Jim Freund available on the Web
As a freelance writer, I review software and write various other pieces concerning the computer industry for several publications. Some, of course, are available online. Here are links to those articles. I have sequenced them by publication and then chronologically.

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Click here to visit the Internet ArchiveSince a number of these articles have been moved (or removed) by their publisher, some are linked through the wonderful Internet archive known as the Wayback Machine.

GO 2.4 GHz Cordless Optical Air Mouse
Sprint PPC-6700: The Evolution Of The Smartphone

Brother MFC-5200c
Brother MFC-4420c color flatbed
HP OfficeJet 7130
HP PSC 1210  (MultiFunction Printer)
Info Select 7.0
Canon MultiPASS F60  (MultiFunction Printer)
HP Photosmart 230  (photo printer)
Microsoft Project 2002


At CrossNodes, I was not only the Managing Editor, but the chief writer, as well.  My articles differed from most of my other work, in that the audience was assumed to be computer (specifically network) professionals; and the majority of my previous writing was for consumer publications. The focus was timely issues of concern to networks, such as breaking virus alerts, alert hoax debunking, technology trends, and product reviews.  A good many of these stories were written and published with less than a 24-hour turnaround.  These links represent a small sampling.

Trojan Alert: Is Yarner a Yawner?
Product Review: PestPatrol 3.0
How-To: Using pathping
Editorial: Don't Let Viruses Knock You Out
Virus Alert: One Stings, the Other Doesn't
Security News: DoS Attacks Go For the Throat
Technology Analysis: Assuring Business Data Continuity
Editorial: Protecting Networkers From the Dot Com Bomb

Computer Shopper
Feature article: Creating the Perfect Site
a round-up of Web site authoring tools
Intro Adobe GoLive 4.0 Dreamweaver 3 HomeSite 4.5 FrontPage 2000 Fusion 5.0 Sidebar: Site-Building Resources Online

Internet Answering Machine
WinZip 8.0 (beta)
Dreamweaver 3 / Fireworks 3 Studio
GRR (Greyware Registry Rearguard)
Ultima IX
Sim Theme Park

Feature article: Winning the Germ War
a round-up of anti-virus utilities
Intro Inoculate IT Personal Edition 4.5 McAfee VirusScan 4.03 Norton Anti-Virus 2000 PC-Cillin 6 Product Summary: The Best Defense...

Star Trek: Star Fleet Command
HP Web PrintSmart Plus 2.0

Feature article: The Suite Way To Do Business
a round-up of office suites
co-written with Barbara Krasnoff

Intro Lotus SmartSuite Millenium Edition 9.5 Microsoft Office 2000 WordPerfect Office 2000 Product Summary Closing

Norton SystemWorks 2.0
Sim City 3000
Web Buddy 2.0
XML Pro 1.2

Feature article: Power Tools for Site Construction
a round-up of Web site creation tools
Intro HomeSite 4.0 DreamWeaver 2.0 (beta) Microsoft Frontpage 2000 (beta) HoTMetaL Pro 5.0 Trellix 2.0 Summary

HotDog Professional 5.1 Webmaster Suite
Starship Titanic
Nuts & Bolts Deluxe
3D WebMaster
HomeSite 3.0
Norton Utilities 3.0 for Win 95
Norton AntiVirus Deluxe 4.0
Zork Grand Inquisitor
Net-it-Now 1.6
3D Internet Designer
Lotus Bean Machine for Java 1.1
The Ring Disc

Feature article: Cracking the Code:
a round-up of text-based HTML editors, complete with downloads
HomeSite 2.5b HotDog Pro 4.0 HoTMetaL Pro 4.0
HTML Assistant Pro 97 WebEdit Pro

Web Painter 2.0
V-Realm Builder 2.0
Eudora Pro 3.0
QuickSite Developer's Edition
Norton Utilities 2.0 for Windows 95
HotDog Professional 3.0 (32-bit version)
ProComm Plus for Windows 95
Level/5 Quest Release 2
HotDog Professional 2.53
Netcarta WebMapper 1.0
Internet With An Accent version 1.0
Norton Utilities for Win '95 -- Multimedia Edition
HTML Publishing on the Internet
Metro NY Section: Liberty Science Center
Sidekick 2.0 for Windows

Windows Sources Australia
Delrina Cyberjack / WinComm 7.0

NetGuide Magazine
Internet Creator

Yahoo! Computing
(dead links)
The Cypher
Escape Velocity
Asymetrix InSite
60 Second Theater
Bruce Sterling Texts on the Net
William Gibson's Yardshow

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