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Pat Cadigan
Samuel R. Delany
Neil Gaiman
Kathleen Ann Goonan
Nicola Griffith
"Far Horizons"
Joe Haldeman, Nancy Kress, Rbt. Silverberg
Guy Gavriel Kay
James Morrow
Kim Stanley Robinson
Michaela Roessner
Robert Silverberg
Dan Simmons
Neal Stephenson
Tad Williams
Walter Jon Williams
Robert Charles Wilson

The Omnivisions Interviews
SF, Fantasy, Horror

Notes on the Transcripts
Greg Bear
Terry Bisson

James P. Blaylock
John Clute
Jack Dann
Editors Panel
Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, Gordon Van Gelder  
Karen Joy Fowler
Steven Gould & Laura Mixon
Elizabeth Hand
John Kessel & James Patrick Kelly
Nancy Kress
Jonathan Lethem
Pat Murphy
Robert Silverberg
Connie Willis
Walter Jon Williams
Terri Windling
Jack Womack

Not yet edited, but still available at Omni:
7/10/97Kirsten Bakis Lives of the
Monster Dogs
Hardcover trade paperback
7/24/97Jack Dann The Memory Cathedral paperback
8/14/97Dan Simmons The Rise of Endymion Hardcover paperback
9/11/97Michael Swanwick Jack Faust Hardcover
9/25/97Lucius Shepard Life During Wartime
10/9/97James Morrow Blameless in Abaddon Hardcover trade paperback
12/18/97Kathleen Ann Goonan Mississippi Blues Hardcover

Notes on the OmniVisions Transcripts

From September '96 through April '98, I had the good fortune to be an interviewer for Omni Magazine's OmniVisions online chats, produced by their fiction editor, Ellen Datlow. I alternated every other week with Ed Bryant, himself a great sf writer. Omni marks a place in online history as being the first print magazine to cease print and go solely online. Sadly, the website has now gone on hiatus in all media, and the staff laid off. (This was not due to the online economics, but rather to the inner workings of Bob Guccione's General Media company.)

These are edited transcripts of the interviews. They are prefaced with a link to a complete bibliography of the guest, their home page, (assuming they have a website or a good one regarding them,) and some book jackets which will allow you to order those titles from Amazon.com, is you so wish. (Even if you're not interested in buying anything over the Web, Amazon usually has good reader comments and interviews of their own.)

The editing is intended to take the interviews out of their real-time context, and instead concentrate on the content of what was said. The majority of the chats were conducted using some awful (and slow) software. We could not post more than a couple of sentences in one message, and there was a serious time lag between postings--sometimes as much as 3 minutes! So I have taken the liberty of concatenating (bunching together) multiple messages with one flow of thought. Sometimes I have maintained paragraphs to delineate such messages. Also due to this lag, the questions and answers, and sometimes entire trains of thought were entirely out of sequence. I have reordered the messages to provide a more coherent conversation when possible. In those instances where it has been necessary to add text to give the context of what's being said, I have placed that text in [square brackets]. The original headers for each message with the name timestamp have been removed, and replaced with a more pleasing format. Many transitory and trivial statements have been deleted, such as "Join us tonight..." or comments to guests on how to use the interface. Finally, some typographical conventions like underlining titles have been added. (Don't confuse those with links--the typeface color will be the same as the rest of the text.)

There are quite a few of these interviews, and they're time-consuming to prepare, so keep checking back as I add more. In the meantime, you can see many of the originals at the now-static Omni Magazine website.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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