Where Credit is Due

Outside of HTML, I am not a programmer by any means, Robot but I do keep in touch with all the tools and resources available for web development. Many of the graphics were found in online libraries, and in at least one instance, was designed by a friend.

Editors & Site Management:    First Nowadays, I'm primarily using Microsoft FrontPage to create and update this site.  However, I'm still a big fan of text-based editors -- particularly HotDog Professional and Home Site .  No doubt I will continue using (or trying to use) all different kinds of tools as they come along, if only in order to play with the software.  I will continue to experiment with DreamWeaver, though, when all is said and done, I find myself returning to frontpage if only for its excellent updating and site management features.

Graphics:     Lotsa sources. Particular mention should go to Iconographics Ray Gun for their wonderful, quirky rockets, (they were formerly called The Rocket Shop,) and Ed Menje, who fashioned the logo for the site. I performed most of the modifications needed to the pictures with Paint Shop Pro, MS Image Composer, and Ulead's GIF Animator.

Host:    sff.net offers an excellent bargain for sf/f professionals, and seems to be the home of many of the best of them.  The folk here provide an excellent service and even better support, and the parent company (Greyware) actually puts out some good software.

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