Other Ports of Call

Here are various links I find noteworthy. These will change every so often. Please inform me of any links which are not working properly. Don't forget to return here when you're done..

Pete & Barb's Penguin Pages
Eat krill. Waddle. The good life.
Alas, The Penguin Page seems to have disappeared.  But you can still visit it thanks to The Internet Archive.
Don't forget the great Web cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Feedings twice daily.

The Gilbert & Sullivan Archive
(Tan-tan-tara tsing boom!)

he Web was made for sites like this. Many MIDI and Karaoke files so you may sing along with your favorite patter songs.

The Internet Archive
Another site that justifies the Web's existence.  Includes The Wayback Machine which lets you view Web pages as they existed on on any given day of the past.

Locus Online
Getcher sf news here!

Top-notch host to SFWA, HWA, and many professional writers (as well as this Web site.)

SF Site
Reviews, Fiction, interviews, home to Asimov's, Analog, and more

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database
A fabulous bibliographic resource. Lists just about everything written by every major sf/f writer, and the tables of content for most of the magazines.

Laurie Mann's Literary Award Web
Her whole site is a fine resource, for that matter.

Whether you think FIAWOL or FIJAGH, this site covers sf fandom. Con reports, photos, links to online zines, and more.

The finest site for media sf (and more) I've found to date.  And just a lotta fun.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
A beautifully done multimedia rendition of Lewis Carroll's classic, complete with Tenniel drawings (some animated) and MIDI music score.

The Christine Lavin Home Page
Includes a number of RealAudio streams of her songs.
Just take my word for it--you'll enjoy her work!

The WBAI Web Site
Program schedule, streaming audio, and other information

Max Schmid's Home Page
Among other things, Max produces
The Golden Age of Radio for WBAI

R. Paul Martin's site, and a good place to witness the internal turmoil at our radio station

'Nuff Said
Not 'nuff can be said about WBAI's excellent program dedicated to comics with Ken Gale
Nuff Said has been "put on hiatus" for a number of years. 
Let your views be known...


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