Hour of the Wolf

As of August, 2005, WBAI has made great strides in bringing our sound to the Internet. Hour of the Wolf is now available 'on demand', meaning you can stream it any time you choose.  I'm not yet sure how long individual episodes will be available, but certainly for more than a week after original broadcast.

The stream begins playing whatever was on the air at 5 AM, so if you hear some reggae or another program when it starts, be patient or skip ahead a bit.  I often start several seconds after the exact hour, and sometimes even a couple of minutes.  (At that time, who cares?  I believe a good transitional flow is more important than exact timing.)

Hour of the Wolf is not yet available for download, such as a podcast would be, due to music copyright restrictions.  It is one thing for me to play a song, such as Steeleye Span's Sails of Silver (my outro) so that you can hear it as it streams by, and quite another for you to download the song along with the rest of the show, thereby cutting into the online music sales business.  Just as we currently pay a (vastly) reduced royalty fee to BMI and ASCAP for playing music on the air, at some point there should be an accommodation for non-commercial radio downloads for iPods and other MP3 players.

(BTW, with the right software, you can probably convert a stream to an MP3 file or podcast.  I currently use Replay Radio, an excellent shareware program that acts like a VCR or Tivo for radio and internet broadcasts as well as podcasts. The newer versions of RealPlayer let you record whatever stream you're listenbeing to in real time.  (No pun intended.)

To peruse all WBAI streams and downloads, visit archive.wbai.org. The ongoing WBAI broadcast streams at stream.wbai.org.

If and when Hour of the Wolf becomes legally available as an MP3 download, it may have a consistent link that will always work for the latest episode.  Until such time, come here and I'll keep the current streams up-to-date on the Table of Contents page.

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