Listed below are original Steeleye Span albums. For the time being, this does not include anthologies or solo albums. As time goes on, I will continue to add personnel, lyrics, liner notes and comments and various sources. When lyrics are available with the album, I will generally draw from there. Another valuable resource, particularly for those songs based on the Childe Ballads is the Digital Tradition Folk Music Search. Check them out.
The catalog numbers here are the original LPs -- current CD numbers (if available) may be found on that album's page.
Hark! The Village WaitRCABF81131970
Please to See the KingB&CCASIO291971
Ten Man Mop, or
Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again
Below the SaltChrysalisCHR10081972
Parcel of RoguesChrysalisCHR10451973
Now We Are SixChrysalisCHR10531974
Commoner's CrownChrysalisCHR10711975
All Around My HatChrysalisCHR10911975
Rocket CottageChrysalisCHR11231976
Storm Force TenChrysalisCHR11511977
Live at Last!ChrysalisCHR11991978
Sails of SilverChrysalisCHR13041980
On Tour (Australian release)ChrysalisL379681983
Back in LineFlutterbyFLUT21986
Tempted & TriedDoverADD91989
Tonight's the NightShanachie790801992
Horkstow GrangeParkPRK CD441998
The JourneyParkPRK CD521999

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